Sunday, January 22, 2017


 December 26th, the 3 oldest little men, along with me, Lindsey and Emily took off for Legoland!
There was a big WELCOME close to the entrance.
It was the first of a LOT of photos!
 My 3 oldest little men!
Legoland is amazing!  Seeing as this was the day after Christmas, there were so many Christmas figures around, all built just with legos!

The animals!  
Our first ride was a safari trek.

 William and I rode together...
He was LOVING driving the car!

 We went on a boat ride that was also amazing!

 The guy driving our boat was so good!  As we passed things, he'd tell us what it was and how many legos it took to build it.  We were all fascinated, but no one as much as Benjamin.  He builds huge lego-sets, so to know that a structure took over 300,000 legos, for example, he was totally impressed. 
In this picture above, you can see the Sydney Opera House over on the left.

 Here's the Opera House again as we passed it.

 Taj Mahal
 Eiffel Tower
 Mount Rushmore
 The Statue of Liberty
 Look at this!  
The guide told us he was getting his ears cleaned!  
But look at the detail!  I was amazed!

 There's a section of Legoland that have reproductions of cities...again, all built from Legos.
There was New York...
 San Francisco
 As we walked around, we'd pass a city and circle back around to see it from another angle.  That's why these pictures jump from city to city and back again.
Here's the Statue of Liberty
 New York

 Taj Mahal
  Just for fun!
 We ventured over to another section where you could build a boat...

 After you built it, you took it up to a different section and you could race it!

 Back to the cities...

 New Orleans

 Look at the detail on buildings in the French Quarter!

Back in New York and the Flat Iron building!

(After Hollywood)

 San Francisco

 Lombard Street in San Francisco

 Our very own Ferndale is even there!

 Emily and Emerson had taken off to find a bathroom, and found a mini-golf course.  We finished up in a Star Wars section.

 We went to meet them at the golf course.  They were just finishing, so Emerson joined us to play a few more holes.

 As the sun started going down, it was getting cold.
The park closed at 6, I think???  So we left about 5:30-5:45.
As we were walking out, we passed an entire section we hadn't seen!
 I knew we needed to come back!
 William and Benjamin got in one more ride before we left.

Like I said, I think this place is absolutely amazing!  
What fun today was!

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