Tuesday, January 24, 2017

December 27, 2016

 Wild William had a little accident the night of the 26th.
My heart broke...the boys were playing...William and Emerson were running around having a grand time.  Emerson came in and told us that William's arm was hurting.
There he was, laying on the landing of Joshua's stairs.  He said that when he fell he "heard a crack."
I just knew it was broken...I think we all thought that.
 Donnie and others got his arm stabilized and took him into Emergency.
They X-rayed...and said it didn't look broken, but to have it rechecked in the next day or two.
The doctors wrapped it and put it in a sling.  
My heart broke for William, but he just looked adorable in his hospital gown and sling. 
 After our day at Legoland and the trauma from the night, we just hung out around the house most of the day.

 Poor William!
He was definitely hurting...you couldn't touch his arm!

 It was a gorgeous Southern California day!
We spent time outside...sitting out in the sun...

 Hi Emily!

 William was so tired!  He napped off and on through the day.  It was something like midnight or 1 a.m. when he got home from the hospital the night before.

 In the afternoon, we headed to a park close to Joshua's.
Lindsey and I walked some trails and the guys played some catch...
William was feeling better!

 Back at home, Emily volunteered to cook dinner...
and I was her helper!


 Donnie in the kitchen?

 Walt on the stairs!  Yep, that was a small battle, keeping the stairs off limits to this little guy!

 Gabe and Emily were gathering all their things and packing the car for an early morning take off.
"Bye-Bye," Walt said to all of us!

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