Wednesday, January 25, 2017

December 28, 2016...Back to Legoland!

On this day, Gabe, Emily, Emerson, and Walt took off to return home. 
Christmas, 2016, was starting to wind down.
Lindsey and I took Benjamin and William back to Legoland!
We told William we HAD to take off his hospital gown and get on a regular shirt...
it was a bit painful, but he did it.
Legoland was calling!
Our first destination was the Technics section that we had missed before.
The roller coaster Benjamin had wanted to ride was closed!!!!
Apparently it was the day for it to be inspected.  They told us it would open later in the day, but they didn't know the we went.
This was a place, kind of like the boat building area, where you could build race cars...and race them!
The boys loved this!

Benjamin made a brake for his.  It was pretty amazing.
I thought at first that his car just wouldn't go..
until he showed me he had put on the brake.
I didn't take as many pictures this day because my camera was on the blink.
It wasn't the camera, but the lens...the only lens I had brought.

As we were in this play area, I was taking the pictures above when...
it broke, actually came apart!  That stopped me...
until I started using my iPhone for pictures, except I didn't have much room, or storage.  I had to delete a lot to take these.
 We were on a different boat ride that went through a Fairy Tale land.
The things we saw were amazing!

 Now, you may wonder what this is a picture of.
Well, I don't really know.  Benjamin took a bunch of these.  What he was looking at didn't really show up in the pictures, but he was trying to figure out how the boat was working through the water.  The boat was guided underwater...and that's what he was figuring out.

 This was another section we hadn't seen on December 26th.  There were 2 places to drive cars.  They were divided by age.  Benjamin was in the 6-13 year old section, and William was in the 3-5 year old section.  They actually drove these little cars, brakes and all.  There were street lights, "gas" was really cool. 

 This was a little train...not super exciting, but very cute.
There was another ride we rode, "Kid Power Tower", that was great.  You had to make it work.  There were pairs of seats on a tower, with a rope between the two seats.  You had to pull the rope to make the seats go up the tower.  When you let go, the seats dropped.  Kind of like repelling.  William and I rode in connecting seats, and Benjamin rode by himself. It was a workout to get the seats to the top.  When I did, William's eyes were HUGE as he saw how high we were.  Then we dropped.
He said he LOVED it!

The last ride we rode this day was the big roller coaster in the Technics section, the one that had been closed earlier.  We got there and it said there was a 120 minute wait!  Oh no.... but Benjamin said he would wait.  William said he wanted to ride it, too.
Now their Mimi is NOT a roller coaster person...but true love took over and I told them I'd ride it with them.  Lindsey is also not a roller coaster person, and she has true love, but passed on showing it on a roller coaster!  She stood in line with us the whole time, but then waited on the platform while we rode.  We ended up not waiting a full 120 minutes, but 1 hour and 47 minutes...for about a 4-5 minute ride.  I confirmed to myself that I'm not a roller coaster person....but I obviously survived!  

It was another fun day at Legoland!

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Anonymous said...

Another fun day at LEGOLAND! I actually timed the ride and it was only 2 minutes long!