Wednesday, January 04, 2017

We made it to Joshua and Thalia's!

Christmas, 2016, was in Southern California for our family this year!
We've all been excited about it!
Ron and I left home Wednesday (Dec. 21st) and headed to Lindsey's.  We first stopped at In n' Out burger in Rohnert Park and had lunch with Gabe and Emerson.  Then we headed on to Lindsey's.
We left early the next morning to head south.  Our plan was to hit I-210 after the Grapevine...and take that to Hwy 57 and then down to I-5.  This would eliminate going through the middle of LA which can take FOREVER!  Well, it probably would have been a good idea IF a wreck hadn't happened around Pasadena nearly 8 hours before we got there...

See that 18 wheeler?  Well, it had wrecked with a van...or a bus??? 4:52 AM...this is nearly 2 p.m. and we were in stopped traffic!  The truck was partly on the rails that run between the East and West bound lanes, knocking out the rail service and power.  These huge cranes were blocking 3 of the lanes of traffic.  We just looked at each other and said we'd just have a lot more time to listen to Christmas music

It was great to get to Joshua's...see him and Thalia (and Blu!)...and unload the packages.  One thing we had brought down was CRAB.  Our friends, Jake and Jim, had called and asked if we'd like to take crab to Joshua.  YES!!!  So Tuesday, Jim caught the crab, Ron cooked it Tuesday night, we left Wednesday, and Joshua inhaled crab on Thursday!
We all had crab, but not near as much as Joshua!
(Thank you again, Jim and Jake!)

December 23rd, Friday, we did some work around the house, I got a few things prepped for Christmas dinner, we went shopping, etc...
and Joshua had some crab!

Blu was a bit excited when some dropped on the floor, but we tried to quickly get it away from him.
Thalia was heading out for the night and Christmas Eve her other grandmother's.
Blu could tell she was leaving....he loves her so much...
and vice versa!

Lindsey, Donnie, Benjamin and William actually arrived about 1 A.M.  We stayed up visiting awhile...I had stayed awake till they got there.  The boys were definitely excited when they saw the tree with all the gifts, and all the other decorations Joshua had.  

2:30 A.M.... and it was time for bed!

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Anonymous said...

A big thanks to Jim and Jake. You guys are awesome. THANK YOU!