Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ahh, here we go! Day 7, the day before the big day

Yep, with Thanksgiving over, I knew the next two days would FLY by...and it did.

We packed up from the farm and headed to my moms. She had some shopping in mind, so a few of us fools tackled the mall on the day after Thanksgiving. It wasn't bad at all! We got dressed for the rehearsal and decided it was time, well, I decided, it was time for some pictures. Here's a few...

The rehearsal started at 6 p.m.

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I just love stuff like this...rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, weddings, receptions, showers...all of it. So I was looking forward to today.

Once the rehearsal was over, we headed to Maggiano's for the dinner. It is a beautiful restaurant and has excellent food too! If anyone left hungry, it was their own fault. You can see the menu!

We were able to have some appetizers while we visited. I saw people I hadn't seen in a number of years - Addison's friends and Becky's family. After a while, the salads came. By this time, everyone was sitting at their tables.

Between the main courses and desserts, some toasts were made and then John David had made a slide show of Kasi growing up, then Addison growing up, and then pictures of their life since they had met.

Naturally, I took way too many pictures, so here's a fraction of them: (45/120!)
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So that the wedding had been rehearsed, we all hoped Addison and Kasi were ready for the REAL THING!

This was Day 7


Anonymous said...

Judy, great pictures. I'm thankful that everyone from California was able to make the trip. Do you think that Gabe and Josh left hungary from Maggiono's?

Love ya,


Judy said...

Josh and Gabe both wanted to go to Taco Bell after we left. (just kidding!)