Monday, November 05, 2007

I love it when our kids come to visit!

I love it when my kids come makes me happy!

Gabe, Emily, and Biscuit came up for the weekend. Our friends, Brandon and Sarah, are having a baby boy - and Saturday was the baby shower. Emily and I went...Emily recorded the presents as Sarah opened them...all 52 gifts!

Gabe and Brandon have been buddies for...geez, I'm not sure if it was in elementary or middle school when they became friends....but it's been a long time!

While we were at the shower and Gabe and Brandon were playing disc golf, my guy was at home hanging out with Biscuit. I'm sure there wasn't a lot of work that got accomplished ...because I know he spent most of his time playing with Biscuit.

When Emily and I got home, Biscuit was stuck out in the backyard because she had GREEN paws and legs - This called for a scrubbing. Ron hinted to Emily to maybe take Biscuit in the That didn't go over real well. I certainly didn't want to hop in the shower with Biscuit and Emily didn't either. So...since Ron instigated the green paws, we turned him loose with Biscuit in the sink. I did offer some assistance. Biscuit didn't seem to mind at all!

I got a little carried away with my new camera and tried some different settings. I took some photos with "vivid color", "sepia", and "cyanotype." I never even heard of cyanotype, but it's like a beautiful shade of black and white.

Biscuit absolutely loves Emily... and vice versa!
Biscuit enjoys hanging out on the back of the couch.
Notice she had a haircut before coming to see us...She is adorable with short hair...but I prefer it long and a little shaggy.

Gabe is a coffee drinker... this is a typical morning scene... sitting around the bar drinking some coffee and talking. This photo above is in 'cyanotype.'This one is 'vivid color.'
This was done in 'sepia.'Ozzy, Pete's dog, came to visit. He and Biscuit had just a grand time running around the backyard. Here, I think they're both exhausted!


Anonymous said...

My, what a good looking couple and I know how you feel when they come home, that's how I feel now, knowing I'll see all of you soon. Love your new camera. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Gabe, you look pretty buff! You are the MAN!


Gabe & Emily said...

Ha ha Yeah right! Good times up in McKinleyville. We're lookin' forward to seeing everybody at the big event!!

Love you guys!

Gabe & Emily