Friday, November 16, 2007

G.R.I.T.S. - You never know what they'll say!

This is a G-rated blog, just incase you were wondering.

However, for this one short post, it is OFF LIMITS to one KASI. So, Kasi, turn your computer off...go back to work...or back to planning your wedding...or thinking of your favorite aunt-in-law who will be flying in to participate in this shindig. (Do you know what a SHINDIG is?)

Ok, now that that is taken care of, we'll move on.

First, I should explain the title. GRITS in this case has nothing to do with the porridge type food commonly known in the south - and elsewhere -as grits. I happen to like grits, but it's not a food I chocolate or Mexican food...but grits are good. I digress....

GRITS in this case stands for Girls Raised In The South. That would be me, my mom, my sister in law, Becky, actually, it would be many fine women. (smile)

However, the other part of the title "You never know what they'll say" is for my mom.

Which leads us to the reason this is OFF LIMIT TO KASI. Now Kasi, here's your last chance to save your purity. Turn off your computer....

OK, I'll continue.

Tallywhacker... I would imagine if you look it up in Mr. Webster's book, it wouldn't be there. But most GRITS have heard this word. I'm surprised I ever learned the 'other name' - as many proper southern women use to say. "The other name" is what GRITS say whenever it's not proper to say, you know, the real word. Maybe my mom was trying to shield me in my younger years. I'm not sure, but John David might have grown up not knowing the REAL WORD either... thinking tallywhacker was a, you know, part of him! Oh geez, I need to move on....

I'm a California girl now, so I like to use the proper I taught Lindsey. However, seeing as this is a rated blog, I have to keep it that way for the GRITS.

That was a long introduction to a cute picture I found of Addison. We're in the countdown now for his wedding... so I've been thinking a lot about him.

If you're not sure what a tallywhacker is, you can ask my mom.
Becky is, like I said, a GRITS. So that's probably why she is peeking over the bed. I did decide to show a rather discreet photo of Addison. Becky, I'm sure, positioned his arm just so....

I really hope Kasi didn't read this.

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Hunserville said...

When I was in 4th grade, I can clearly remember sitting in back of an obnoxiously smelling girl whose name was Talley Jamison. Most of us kids took a bath at least once a week, but Talley was lucky to get rinsed off once a month. And another thing: I do believe she must have had a salami sandwich every morning for breakfast. To make things worse, she used to burp all the way to lunch and everytime she let off some inner gas, I would whack her with my ruler. The rest of the class really appreciated my efforts to tame Talley because I soon become known as Talleywhacker. Now you know the true meaning of the word.
Love ya! Bob