Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 2 - Thanksgiving Week continues in Texas

Day 2 was November 18th, a Sunday.

After slowly getting up and going out for breakfast (I think it was actually lunch time hours, but who cares, we ate breakfast), Thalia and I took a walk to a local park. We hiked around on some trails.
In the early afternoon, we headed over to my brother's. One thing we enjoy doing together is playing games. All kinds of games. One of these is what we call 'washers.' It's a unique name for a see, you throw washers at a hole. Now scoring can get a bit...well, heated. Measuring is often involved - you know, to figure out whose washer is closest to the hole. You get more points if it goes IN the hole...and you get some points if the washer is hanging over the hole...and you get points if the washer is leaning up against the backboard.

I only took about 75 pictures of the washer I'll just put them here in a slide show:

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When it got too late to play washers, we ate some pizza and then some of the group started a new I took a few videos of this. It seemed like you had to call your move before you took the shot...some were a bit humorous...well, maybe all of them were!

So basketball was a big hit...even though, if you noticed, not one single shot was actually made. Oh well... That's enough for Day 2.


Anonymous said...

I love that washer game especially because I was doing so well for my first time. I love the pictures Judy.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Haha I love the video of Erica doing her basketball aerobics! I loved having all of you guys here. I love you all and miss you all SOOO much!

Love you,

Judy said...

I agree that our time in Texas was SO much fun! We miss you too, Sami. Hey, would you remind your mom to ask your Uncle Guy for the directions/measurements to make the washer game?