Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank you, Erica...or is it Josh?

How precious is this?

Joshua and Erica went to the Marine Ball this weekend. I had asked them to BE SURE and take pictures...just like I asked them to do on Thalia's first day of school, and on Halloween, and when they moved into their new house.

"OK, Jutz," was Joshua's reply.

Months went by...and then I was talking to Joshua last night and asked him about the dance. I asked him if they had taken pictures.

"Two," was his answer.

"TWO? Well, could you email them to me?" I asked.

"ERICA...would you email those pictures to my mom?"

Now, at this point, I reminded him of the Halloween pictures, the pictures of the house, Thalia's first day of school, etc....

So when I checked my email today, there were 48 emails...most from, I think, Erica! Thus, the title of this post!

This top picture of Thalia...well, remember I'm a teacher. So seeing a precious little one in bed reading...well, I get a big smile on my face! These next photos gave me the same smile....
What a great looking couple!
Thalia and her new bike!


Gabe said...

Hey nice bike Thalia! Maybe you will let me take it for a spin next time I visit.

Love Gabe

Anonymous said...

Erica, Josh and Thalia, the pictures are great. Josh, I hope you'll wear the uniform to the wedding. I would love to show you off. Thalia is going to be the prettiest but I would love to see you in your uniform one more time. I love you all, Saddie