Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Day - the 6th day of our trip

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a cold day...after being in the 80's everyday that we'd been there! The house was full, the windows were fogged, there was lots of cooking and visiting going on.

Ron, Joshua, and Grandpa 'went to town' to buy some more peanut oil. That's what is used to deep fry the turkey. Grandpa likes to take the 'scenic route' to town, so it took a bit longer. HEB was out of peanut oil..finally found some at WAL-MART! Imagine!

We not only had a DE-licious deep fried turkey, but we had a smoked turkey and a ham. We also had sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes (Jo calls them "Irish potatoes"), 2 different fruit salads, green beans, cornbread dressing, hot rolls, cranberry sauce (not canned!), a corn casserole (YUM!!!), um, what am I forgetting?

Dessert? Oh geez, you wouldn't believe what all we had: 2 chocolate pies, a pecan pie, coconut pie, pumpkin dessert, lemon squares, and white chocolate/raspberry bars.

Mom didn't stay for dessert - but we sent some home with her. She felt like she needed to 'hit the road' since it started to SLEET... (remember it had been in the 80's the day before) After sleeting a while, it started to hail...then it even snowed a little. It didn't stick, but it snowed!

After dinner, dessert, and clean time!
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Anonymous said...

And now I'm 5 pounds heavier....

Gabe said...

Yes what a great thanksgiving it was. I think I added a little more than 5 lbs pretty but that's not so bad on a percentage basis.

Good times in Texas.

Anonymous said...

It was a great Thanksgiving. I enjoyed being at the farm with everyone and the food was delicious. And Judy, thanks for fixing the pictures so I could view them. I love you, Mom