Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We spent Day 4 at my brothers

The plan was to get up and head to the farm. Well, the plan didn't happen because Thalia, who was at the farm, got sick. We wanted to keep Lindsey away from Linz, Donnie, Mom, and I spent the day over at John David and Becky's. Sami was home...Addison (who was still a single guy) was also home.

Guess what we did?

Yep, you may have guessed correctly...we played washers! Now you need to notice the form and the way some hold their mouth when they throw. I do believe it all makes a difference!

Now you may notice some non-washer-playing photos included in this montage. Some of them are the many faces of one DONNIE....and a few of my baby girl...and there's one of Jabbo the dog...and the sky? Well, Mom said at one point, "Just look at that sky. Isn't it pretty?" So I took a picture of it.

There you have it, photos from Day 4.

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