Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marvin is 94 years old today!

Our neighbor and good friend, Marvin, is 94 years old today! Wow! He is ONE AMAZING MAN!
I've blogged about Marvin quite a bit...we love to have him over for dinner and usually a game or two or three of cribbage.

That's what we did Sunday...even though that wasn't his birthday, it was his birthday dinner. Today, he was going to one of his sons' house for lunch, then out with a group of his friends for their weekly Tuesday-night dinner night. That's why we had him on Sunday.
We had dinner and then cake for dessert. The cake was a new recipe - Irish Creme Pound Cake. It's pretty tastey, but probably not one I'll make again.

Ahhh, Marvin and my guy... they're buddies!


Gabe & Emily said...

Happy Birthday Marvin!

Gabe and Emily

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mavin and Semper Fi