Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Saga

I love technology, but as I said in an earlier post, it drives me nuts when it doesn't work!

Such is the case with my new p703 All-in-One printer that is wireless... that prints, scans, and copies.

Well, at least it's suppose to!

Print? check
Copy? check
Scan? very seldom

I love old photos...and as you may have realized, old photos weren't I scan them and make them into a digital copy. There have been a few days when it worked just like it was suppose to....most days, no.

3 or 4 times, I've been on the phone with DELL for 3 - that's THREE - hours...and each time they uninstalled and reinstalled my printer...and each time they assured me it was absolutely fixed. And each time, when I went to scan the following day, it would revert back to the original behavior....maybe scan one time, then "connection failed."

Wednesday or Thursday, I sent an email to the last guy who had helped me...AND his boss ... AND some other DELL executive whose email I found... AND another DELL PR guy...

Friday, I heard from the guy who had helped me last time - from New Delhi, India - who, by the way, I could totally understand and who was very patient, very helpful, and who I noted, saw the adorable photo of Emerson and Benjamin on my desktop. He commented on how adorable they were, so...he went up in my estimation! Anyway, as nice as he was, the problem wasn't fixed. However, when he called Friday...after all my emails went out to DELL... he told me they were sending me a new printer... a better printer!Hopefully, it will be better...and more old photos will appear on the JohnstonChronicles... my baby girl is almost 29 years old... I need to start scanning!Lindsey and Donnie at one of Benjamin's baby showers...wearing hats that were gifts for their little man!

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