Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emerson turns 2 years old!

 Emerson, my little grandson, turns 2 years old today!  It's hard to believe a year has gone by since his first birthday...two years since one of the happiest days of my life!
I've gone back through the months...taking a few photos from each month of his 2nd year of life.  These top two were taken in June, 2010.  I wonder if those shorts still fit him now?
 In July, I had just returned from my People to People journey to Europe.  I was so happy to see this little guy...I look happier than he does, but I think he was wondering what in the world his Mimi was doing.  I had the camera sitting on something, using the automatic timer to take this picture. 
 I brought him back this shirt from the Black Forest in Germany...he's my little knight!
 Emerson loves his blanket, carrying it with him just about everywhere he goes.  He was doing it in July, 2011, and he still does it today!
July, 2010
I love this face...this expression!  He was hamming it up for the camera...
Taking baths, Emerson would always have two toys, usually two balls, one in each hand.  
 I love this shot...Emerson with his arms crossed, looking like he's trying to explain something to Benjamin...Benjamin listening intently... in the bathtub!  This was in August, 2010.
 August, 2010...

 Emerson tackled by his Uncle Donnie so I could take a picture of him and his cousin, Benjamin.

I love this of Emerson!  He and his cousin had had a little fight over the light switch.  To me, Emerson is looking so innocent...
 In September, I had come back from a meeting, asked where the boys were, and Emily had casually said, "They're in Eme's room playing."  I had walked in, and there they were, in diapers, with strawberry juice all down their bellies....having a grand ole time playing.  I absolutely love this picture.
 A kiss from my little guy...I love, love, love this!
 This rocking chair we had made for Gabe when he was about 2 years old.  After my guy found them in our attic, we gave it to Emerson to use at home...
 Another bath time picture in September, 2010...
As Emerson, especially, became more mobile, it became more and more difficult to get a picture of the boys together.  Someone, can't remember who, put them on the couch, so we could keep him still long enough for a shot or two.  I'm sure the group was behind me cheering,  trying to get them both to smile at the same time.
 October, 2010...what a cutie!
 In October, 2010, giving high-fives was a popular thing to do...especially to give one to Papa!
 Driving Mimi's car was also a fun thing to do in October!
 Also in October, Emerson came down for his cousin's dedication.  There was a party after the church service.  Emerson, armed with his watermelon, manned the radio. 
After loads of watermelon, he collapsed in a sea of balls...
 November, 2010, came and his daddy found this house on Craigslist.  Emerson had a grand time...even asking us to 'come on in'!  (just kidding on the 'come on in' part)...
Another of my thousand of favorite shots...He loved these blocks...and was so good at stacking them up.  Notice the concentration on his face...November, 2010

December, 2010
Even though it was damp outside, Emerson loved to be outside.  He had this little bomber jacket that I just love.  We would go on walks...well, he would go running and I would follow.
Along with his bomber jacket, he had this shirt with 'Lightning' on the back.  Lightning was his Papa's nickname when he played football in high school.  Also, I loved the back of his hair...I don't know how many photos I have like this!
 Christmas, 2010, was at our house this year.  Emerson wore his 'lion' shirt...king of the jungle...King...our little King!
 ...with his Papa...
...with his Mimi...
 These airplanes were hidden away in our bedroom...but apparently they weren't hidden well enough.  Emerson and his cousin snuck in and found them.  They stared for a couple of minutes, looked at each other, and then Emerson promptly went over and hopped on one to ride!  No more hidden airplanes!
 This was classic.  He was into shoes...big shoes...and would put them on and walk around.

 Emerson and his cousin both love watermelon....and their Papa made sure they had all they wanted.  Here, they were sitting on the kitchen counter inhaling massive amounts of watermelon.  What you can't see, is their Papa and Grammy guarding these little men so they didn't jump off!
 There is a video on YouTube of the boys with this airplane.  Benjamin's grandparents in Montana sent this for Benjamin...sent it to our house.  Well, they both absolutely loved it...loved all the sounds, the things that moved.  Emerson decided HE was going to play with it and not his cousin.  His cousin had a different idea.  A classic fight took over and luckily, my camera was on and I captured it on video.  This, of course, is just a still picture of them.
As Emerson's parents were packing up to leave from our Christmas, I took him out in the backyard to run around awhile...before he was in his carseat for the drive home.  He loves his pacifier...and sometimes it's difficult to get a picture of him without it.  For this picture, I had asked him, "Emerson, would you PLEASE take out your pacy so Mimi can get a picture...PLEASE?" and he did, laughing the whole time.
In January, 2011, he had gotten his new boots...He had also started not wanting to be out of the sight of his Mama or Daddy...He wasn't too happy here, but was getting ready to go to a baby shower with his Mama...
Also in January, 2011, he was climbing...climbing on everything.  Here, he was turning the fan on and off...
In March, we went to Cash's 3rd birthday party.  Emerson was having a grand ole time playing out in the backyard.  With my new Photoshop Elements 9 program, I edited this shot several different ways...I love it.  Emerson and a ball, that's my little guy!
Cash and his brother also have this wooden play structure that Emerson and Benjamin both loved.  They would go in the little house part, or one of them would go in, and they would tell each other 'hi' through the window or door.  Then they'd switch places...this went on and on...and I loved it!
 In April, Emerson was getting ready for a haircut...ready for his first 'real' barbershop haircut... 
Emerson loved pulling the 'apples' off the lemon tree...and throwing them!  Benjamin, who is so used to all the fruit trees, ended up joining in the fun with his cousin!
Emerson and his daddy came down to his cousin, Benjamin's, the last weekend of April to help assemble Benjamin's new wooden play structure.

Lindsey and Donnie have two HUGE orange trees.  Emerson was amazed when he watched his Uncle Donnie use this huge picker to grab an orange off the true.  He loved eating the oranges...lots of oranges...I think the two boys would eat 3 or 4 at a time, or as many as Uncle Donnie would peel!
On May 1st, LOTS of wood chips were delivered for Benjamin's backyard.  The boys were watching the truck come in through the fence and dump the chips.  Emerson wasn't too sure about the truck, however.  When I put him down, he yelled, 'No truck, no big truck' and ran around to the front of the house. 
After that, they had a grand time with their shovels, helping their Mimi spread chips.

Happy Birthday, Emerson King!  
Your Mimi loves you so, so much!


jujabbo said...

Happy Birthday Emerson! We love you, Auntie Lindsey, Uncle Donnie and cousin Benjamin

Anonymous said...

Those are some great pics of the little man. Happy Birthday Mr. Eme.

Gabe said...

Happy Birthday Emerson!! Your Daddy loves you!!