Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jumping ... jumping ... and a few push ups!

Emerson and Benjamin had a grand time playing together a couple of weekends ago  I think one thing that stands out to me the most is how they talked to each other.  Emerson calls Benjamin, Ben, and Benjamin called Emerson, Eme.  They threw the ball to each other, telling each other, "Mark, Set, GO!!  They would also call each other... "Eme????"....  "Ben?"....  it was so precious!
Gabe apparently taught Emerson to do push-ups.  Well, they may not technically be a push-up, but if you're two years are welcome to do push-ups however your heart desires!

What they mostly did was...Jump....and jump....and more jump!
and a little belly-comparison thrown in...

I love these little guys!


Gabe said...

What a great blog! Definately captured the moment!!

jujabbo said...

eme has so much energy!

Anonymous said...

That was great Jutze. Those boys are full of energy. Can't wait to see them again.