Thursday, May 26, 2011

We are one! (2/365)

 34 years ago today...
my guy and I 'tied the knot'... and started on this journey of our marriage, our life together.  We started in Texas... moving away to a little (very little) town in Oregon...actually, we were on the outskirts of a little, little, little town in Oregon... then to a small, wonderful town in northern California, and finally, to where we are now.

Along the way, we were blessed with so many friends...friends we don't see very often, but are still close to... we've, of course, become a bit larger of a family... we now have stable careers... are now looking at the retirement end of working...

Has it always been smooth sailing?  Hardly....  but we've stuck together through THICK and thin... He's my best friend... and I'm eternally grateful for him!


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