Wednesday, March 29, 2017

William's 5th Birthday party! February 26, 2017

It was William's fifth birthday party!
He wanted a lego party...
so that's what he got!

Lindsey looked on Pinterest and saw these ideas..
she told Benjamin...and he got right on it.

William and I decorated...
Benjamin was helping..
those two boys, especially Benjamin, LOVES holidays...and
loves to decorate!

Benjamin with his creations for the party!
The jump house came...
it was a big hit once the party started..
actually it was a hit before the party started!

Lindsey and Donnie have the perfect backyard for parties.
They usually bbq hotdogs/hamburgers..
and everyone loves it.

Emerson was happy the basketball net was there.
I was excited Emerson was there!
Walt was excited ...well he was just excited and happy!
His mama was holding him close...just for a little while!

Walt was ready to get down and play!

Oh my!  He's looking like a little boy these days...
not a toddler, not a little guy...
just a little boy!
This was definitely a big hit!

Gabe was also enjoying the basketball hoop!

Take note of the mouth of Emerson and Gabe...
They're holding their mouths exactly alike!

Everest!  What a cutie!

The trampoline is always a popular spot for kids!

This was for the birthday boy!

William was ready for his birthday singing to begin!

William ate his first cupcake...
I think he told his mama that night that he ate 3!

Benjamin was taking panorama pictures!

 It started getting C-O-L-D outside...and I discovered quite a few people had moved inside...

 As the party started breaking up, Benjamin and some of his buddies were involved with playing Minecraft!

 We usually measure Emerson and Benjamin...
 Benjamin is taller by a little bit...

 After everyone left, William was ready to open his gifts.

 He told me I should take pictures...
so I did!

 I'm not sure how many Lego sets he got for his birthday, 5 maybe?
but he immediately started putting them together.

 He absolutely loves these...
Happy 5th Birthday, William...
even though, technically, you're still 4 until February 28th at 8:15 p.m.!

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