Friday, March 17, 2017

Red Rocks on February 13

 Monday morning, February 13th, we took Brody to preschool and then we went straight to Red Rocks.
 We've both been there..but this time we wanted to just hike around.
 There are trails all around the area...
 and we took off to explore some of them.
 The rock formations are amazing...

 I look at them and wonder how some stay like they are...
 or what it was like when they were being formed.

 They're my opinion!

 Look at the angles of some of the rocks!

 This is in the amphitheater...
 I'm standing on the stage...

 I've been to one concert here...and the acoustics are incredible!

 This was taken at the top of the seating area.  We were a little lower than this when we went to the concert.  It was incredible to look down at the singers...then look up above the stage and see all the lights of Denver.

 After we left Red Rocks, we drove through the little town of Morrison.
These are murals there...
sweet little town!
We were going to eat lunch there...but couldn't decide where..
so we headed back into Lakewood/Littleton to the Breckenridge Brewery...
a great choice!
 From there, we headed to pick up Brody (3 p.m.) and to the house to hang out with Mom.

There was more to come on this Monday!

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