Thursday, March 16, 2017

February 12, 2017 - Happy #3 to Brody!

 It was Brody's birthday!
He's now the big 3!
 We started the day at church...
and when I picked him up from his class, his teacher told me they had all sang "Happy Birthday" to him!
(I had told her it was his birthday when I took him.)
 From church, we went to see Mom and then she came to the house where we hung out and played all day.
I asked Brody what he wanted for dinner since it was his birthday...
"Eggs," he said.
So...that's what I made for dinner...breakfast!
 He loved his cars and the tracks...
and riding on Papa's back...
 I kept asking him how old he was...

It was a fun birthday for this little guy! 
Mom was using her tablet to take some pictures of our newest 3 year old.

Happy Birthday, Brody!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy, it was a lot of fun