Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bull Creek, Lissette and family, and Ashley & Aaron!

 This is Bull Creek!
We stopped here with Larry and Sandra on our way to Lissette's Saturday morning.
 Larry knows so many great spots around Austin!

 Larry, Sandra, Ron, and me

 We got to Lissette and Brian's.
I had never met Lissette's kids...Noelia and Owen.
Well, Noelia is so friendly!  
"You want to see my room?" she asked.
Of course, I said yes.
We went up and she was showing me around.  I asked about the dollhouse (behind her).  She said she had toys for inside it, but...her mom is making her earn them all back.
"Earn them back?" I asked.
So Noelia proceeded to tell me how her mom picked up ALL her toys and Owen's toys and put them away because they didn't pick their toys up.
"Oh, well, have you earned some back?" I asked.
She told me she had SOME of them back.
(Good job, Lissette!!!)
 Noelia LOVES to dance.  
She showed me her costumes for dance and asked me if I wanted to see them on her.
Of course, I said yes.
She told me she was going to close the closet door while she changed because, "no one can see me naked except my mom and dad."
OK, good plan, I told her!
Once she came out, she ASKED me if I wanted to take a picture of her.
YES!  Of course I do!
You may notice she has 2 pink ones...but one has a snowflake on it.  That's her favorite.

Downstairs, she actually danced for me.  
"Has the video started?" she wondered.

 Now watch this!  Noelia has got some moves!

 It was time for us to leave and head to the farm.
I wanted to get a group picture...
so I asked Noelia to stand next to Sandra so I could check the lighting...
too dark on the face...
 So she moved here...

 Uncle Ron came out so I could test the light on him...
 Owen wanted to be part of the experiment, too!
 Finally, we got everyone together..
set the timer..
and got some pictures of all of us!
Noelia and Owen wanted to do a 'funny face' picture!

                         Noelia and Owen LOVED the funny we had some more pics of that!

 I wanted to show this to Lindsey and Donnie...
It's a 'Keyhole Garden'.
In the middle is where you put your compost...
and then you water the 'garden' through the compost!
Brian built this...
 and this...
this is a hay bale garden..
but I can't remember how it works.
Lissette has NOT been eating too much BBQ....
she's having another little baby...!

I told her I wanted to take a pic of her baby bump...
she tried to hold it in!
Noelie wants a sister...
Owen wants a brother...

With as big as Lissette is for how far along she is, maybe she'll have one of each?

I so loved seeing everyone!
Ashley and Aaron drove over from San Antonio...
It was so wonderful to see them, too!

We took off about 3:30 to head to the farm... 
but we were making one stop....

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