Friday, March 24, 2017

My baby girl is 36!

 What a sweetie!
My baby turned 36 years old on February 19th.  36?  That's just bizarre to me!
I remember when the kids used to sit at the bar, I'd look at them and say their ages and then project years ahead and think what it would be like when they were older.
36, 38, and 40?  That's my babies now!

These first two pictures were taken in April of 1985...
4 years, 2 months old!
This is June, 1985.
Isn't she a darling 4 year old?  
 This is also in June, 1985.
This dog, Spot, lived across the street and Lindsey absolutely loved him!
The feeling was mutual!
 This is out of was taken in April of 1985.
But I wanted that first picture to be the first one...cause I just love it!
I think Joshua is just holding her up for the picture.  She already knew how to ride a bike without training wheels.  When you have two older brothers, you do things a bit earlier??

 These were taken at Saddie's house.  We were in Texas for Christmas, 1985.
Lindsey always loved books and loved being read to.
 This was also Christmas, 1985.
Notice the purple sweater?
Lindsey LOVED pink and purple...and that's what she always wanted to wear.
 Hillary Jean was Lindsey very best friend for years!  
They even had matching pink/purple outfits!
This was on Lindsey's 5th birthday, February 19, 1986.

5th birthday party

I can't remember who that is in the red, but on Lindsey's left is another good friend, Julie. 

I look at this and I see William!
Lindsey loved to draw and write...We had given her this little Fisher-Price tape player for her birthday.  She'd lay like this, listening to music and drawing...for hours!
 My guess is that Hillary had spent the night after her party.

 Jumping ahead to July 23, 1987.
Lindsey loved My Buddy.
Lindsey and her friend, Jessica, were out playing.  I hope they're swinging My Buddy and not hanging him!
 We moved to the coast in 1987.
Here we are at the beach on August 9th.
Gabe...what are  you doing???  I think his bottom was wet?  Who knows?
 This has always been a favorite picture of mine!
 I don't have a date on this, but Eskie is a kitty...
and if I remember right, we got Eskie the summer before she went into 3rd grade?  or was it 2nd?  
Lindsey loved loved loved animals...
she is the one who wanted Eskie so bad.  She definitely looks happy here...
not so much for Gabe!  I'd love to know what's going on here.  Joshua looks like he's right in the middle of saying something...probably saying something to Gabe that Gabe didn't like?
 This looks like it was taken at Fern Canyon.  
Mom had come to visit...
 August, 1987
Lindsey and Hillary Jean!

 I thought about Benjamin when I saw this picture...
(Benjamin is in 2nd grade now!)
This is Lindsey in front of her 2nd Grade classroom.
Her teacher was Mrs. Cunningham!
 This is May, 1990.
Lindsey was in 3rd grade and her class went to Patrick's Point on a field trip.
 I had forgotten about this sweatshirt, but Lindsey loved it...
she loved the sunglasses on the fish!
 When Lindsey was in 4th grade, she went to Texas and stayed...can't remember how long...but she rode this train with her Saddie and Aunt Jane. 
4th grade...she was growing up!  

Happy happy birthday, Lindsey!
I love you so much!

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