Saturday, March 25, 2017

GRITS and Liz!

 One of the days at the farm, I took off and drove to east Texas to see these sweet girls!
Liz and GRITS are my nieces...
their grandmother was my mom's sister, my Aunt Jane!
 I first went to see GRITS at school.
She's a kindergarten teacher and there are some very fortunate little people to have her as their teacher!
She referred to her 22 students as her "sweet little babies"...her "precious little babies"...
That's GRITS!
 We stayed in her classroom for close to 2 hours just catching up...
 then we went to meet Liz and David, who I had never met, at a Mexican food restaurant.
 David is a character!
I had given him my phone to take that first picture of the girls and me..
and one of them, asked if he had taken a selfie!
They know him well!
Liz and David have been married a couple of years?  I think that's about right.

I so loved getting to hang out with the girls and David.
It was definitely a special time!

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