Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snowmobiling along the Continental Divide

Ron, me, John David, Becky

 This day was amazing!

 Once we got our gear on....got on our snowmobiles...and took off...
I was just in awe at how gorgeous it was!
 There were 9 snowmobiles on our tour....We were #8 and John David and Becky were #9.
John David and Becky

 I had been concerned about 100 mph winds...
well, there was no wind.
 It was just gorgeous...
I loved that we had some blue sky...
against the snow and trees...well, it was so beautiful!

 Our guide...stopped a few times for photo ops..
he was great to take as many pictures as you wanted of your group.

 Here, you can see the runs for the Winter Park ski resort..
Joshua, I was thinking about you here!

 I was taking a picture of my reflection in the back of Ron's helmet!

 These were up at the top of the Continental Divide!

 What goes up, must come down!

                                                                               Becky, John David, me, and Ron 

What a great day!  We totally loved it!

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That looks like so much fun!