Monday, March 13, 2017

A bit of a delay heading to Winter Park

The day after we arrived in Colorado, my sweet brother had booked us a snowmobile tour
out of Winter Park.
We had taken Mom's car back to her house before we left...and she asked what highway we
would be on.
"I-70" my brother answered.
"Oh my," Mom answered.  "Honey, be careful.  That highway has 100+mph winds and is knocking over trucks."
Well, we weren't too worried...and off we went.
 As we were traveling along I-70, there was a big sign that said the road was closed ahead!
John David called the snowmobile place and told them we couldn't get they said to call back in an hour or so if anything changed.
 We turned around and went to Lookout Mountain.

 This is where Buffalo Bill Cody is buried.
We walked around and found out that I-70 was closed because of over 100 mph winds 
that had knocked over 2 semi trucks!

 After about an hour, we checked a website and found I-70 was now open.
Well, I wasn't too thrilled...thinking I didn't really want to be on a snowmobile in 100 mph winds!
But John David and Ron were like, "Let's go!" we went...heading towards Winter Park....
It was a gorgeous ride...

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