Thursday, November 03, 2016

Ardenwood Farms

 After Benjamin's baseball game, we headed to Ardenwood Farms.
Lindsey was meeting some friends there who were on a sort of tour/field trip to the farms.
The first activity was apple pressing...
ending in fresh apple cider!
 All the kids had an opportunity to help in the pressing!
This wheel was difficult to turn!  It crushed the apples, making it easier (later) to press them into juice.

 After the apple pressing was finished, the next activity was a craft using corn kernals.

 There's an old historical home on the property.  We were able to tour it.
I was impressed with the questions Benjamin asked.
 This was unusual!
It's hair...
The docent told us that women used to save the hair out of their brush/comb.
When they had enough, they'd make it into a piece of art!
 There were lots of animals...
some, the kids got to pet...

 and feed!
 THIS is what the  boys were most looking forward to!
The pumpkin patch..
which included a maze and a pyramid, both made out of hay bales.
William is in the green shorts....Benjamin in the #4 jersey.

 It started raining...
and it was a bit cold...
but it didn't bother the boys...
at all!
 The boys picked out their pumpkins..
then the group took a picture...
 and I took a picture of Benjamin with his pumpkin..
William didn't want his picture made...
It was definitely a fun day..
apple pressing,
a craft,
a tour,
and the pumpkin patch...

but with the rain starting,
it felt good to get back in the car and head home!

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