Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Many Faces of Remy!

 We have had SO MUCH fun with Remy...
 and also with Addison, Soo...and Hobok!

 Remy is a character!
 He's also hilarious!
 We were on a walk last night...he was riding the airplane...and it was pretty cool outside...and I KNEW he had to be getting hungry, (I was!) I asked him if he was ready to go home.  ("No")  I said, "Aren't you hungry?"
His answer, "Mimi, don't worry.  Remy not hungry."
Okeedokey!  "Don't worry" was a phrase he used a lot.

 On a different walk we were on with Hobok, we passed some basketball stands.  On the 2nd one, he said to me, "When Remy is older, I will play basketball and Mimi can clap for Remy!"
I told him I'd for sure clap...and yell for him!

 He acted like a rock star when he played his guitar.  I asked Addison and Soo what in the world he had been watching that he acted like such a rocker.  (Arching his back, throwing his arms up in the air, squeezing his eyes and moving his head back and forth)
 Their church has a large worship team and has lights and a great guitar player.
Remy loves the music at his church and that is what he's emulating!

 He also loved the piano.
He was a little loud on it.
When we talked to him about being loud, he said, "Remy like to be loud."
Yep, he does!

 Just like Emerson, Benjamin, and William, he loved Thomas the Train!

 He also loves to paint..
and he's so good at it! 
 When he was painting, he was so quiet and so, so serious!
He was definitely focused on doing a good job!

Like I said, it has been so so much fun with this little man!
(and his parents!)

(and Hobok)
oh, here's Hobok:

Hobok was also a lot of fun...
and letting us practice for when we have our dog!

What a great time we've had!

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SooJ Barker said...

Thank you so much for having us and capturing Remy's precious moments.
We love you and can't wait to see you again.