Friday, November 18, 2016

November 12, 2016 with Emerson and Walter

 Gabe, Emily, and the boys came up the evening of the 11th.  We were so excited to have them come up!  Walt had done really well driving up, but once inside, he and Emerson had a great time running around.  
Last time I saw Walt, he was walking, but only 10 or so steps before he'd revert to his 'crawl.'
This time, he not only walks, he also runs...
and jumps! 
He's very busy...
he loves the cabinets and what's in them, as you can see from this top picture. 
 The weather was gorgeous, so on the 12th, we spent a lot of time out in the backyard.
Walt LOVED going in and out the back door.

 Baseball was the order of the day for Emerson!
 Gabe was the coach and the one to get the balls...
Papa was the pitcher!

 Emily came out to check on her boys...
(she was inside finishing report cards)

 Hi Walt!
 Saturday night, Gabe, Emily and Emerson were over at Brandon, Sarah, and James'..
 so Mr. Walter was here with his Mimi and Papa..

 This has always been a favorite spot for the boys...
all 4 of them!

 Later that night, Walt was standing at the refrigerator, looking at the pictures, and especially the one of his family, saying, 
"Da Da"...over and over.

Walt is a cuddler!  A bit after this, he came up and wanted to be held...

Being a Mimi and Papa is just the absolute best!

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