Saturday, November 19, 2016

Walter and Emerson on November 13th

Walt started his day with some of his favorite toys...
Casa Lindra Salsa containers!

He stacked
and unstacked
and re-stacked them...

I think he was like "OK Mimi, here's one for your camera!"
What a cutie!
Emerson had spent the night with James..
so when he came home, with James, Walt was excited to see his brother!

When Emerson and James were playing earlier, Walt just kept watching, and he'd let out a squeal or a yell whenever they did...
I think he thinks he is one of the big boys!

 Emerson is a great big-brother!
He plays with Walt, even with the 6+ year difference in their ages.
 Walt has also gotten pretty real good, for a 1 year old, at throwing balls.
He LOVES, baseball, football...
 I missed Emerson this trip!  He was with James for the majority of it, which I love that he has a buddy here and that he totally enjoyed his time!

Did you see Walt jump?

I love love love having these guys here!

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