Friday, November 11, 2016

The many faces of Brody...on October 18th

I just spent 10 days in Colorado...visiting with my mom, brother, sister-in-love, and Brody.
It was a gorgeous 10 days...the weather couldn't have been any better!
We were outside every day so Brody could play.
His great grandmother enjoys playing with him!
as does his Nanny...
I'm not sure about this!
But someone gave him some of their drink!

He's changed a little since last time I saw him...3 months ago!
I think the biggest change is in how he runs.
He used to take these little bity short steps, but now he runs...with a longer stride.

He likes playing ball...

He got a football while I was there and he liked to play catch with it.

 Whenever he hears an airplane, he looks for it.

 He's a cutie!

He's definitely growing up!

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