Sunday, November 13, 2016

Brody got a balance bike!

Balance bikes...
they're amazing!
My Benjamin and William had one that they rode all the time.
When it was time for them to learn to ride a "Pedal bike" (as William called it), it was no big deal to learn.  Addison and Soo bought one for Remy...
and while I was in Colorado, Becky ordered one for Brody.
It came on October 20th...and I WISH I had a picture of Brody's face when he first saw it!
He was so excited!
This is his first time on it...
out in front of their house.

Yep, a little excited, don't you think?

He had a little help from his Nanny and Pop...

He did well for his first time!

 He picked up a little speed...
faster than his Saddie!

 The biggest thing this first time was getting him to sit on the seat.
He finally realized he could do a lot better on it...
and he started scooting himself on the seat.
 Brody and his balance bike!
What fun for this little guy!

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