Monday, November 14, 2016

October 21st was a busy day for a little guy!

 Day 2 of Brody and his balance bike was on the trail around the lake by my mom's place.

 I can't remember how far it is around the lake...1.4 miles maybe?
We definitely didn't go all around it, but we went a little ways each way from mom's.
You can see the buildings in the background where mom's place is.
 His Nanny was trying to explain something...

 Mom joined in on the walk...
 Brody was sweet to look back and wait for her!

 He definitely improved on it today.  
I think this was the day he even lifted his feet up for a second! 

 From bike riding, we took Brody to a free gymnastics time.
Actually, it was more of a free playtime IN a gymnastics place!

 He definitely enjoyed it!

 Later in the day when his Pop got home, there was a little time for golf instruction...

 Biking, gymnastics, and golf...
I think Brody finally decided to call it a day!

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