Sunday, November 20, 2016

Later on November 13, 2016

 Walt and his daddy were having a lot of fun!
 I'm not sure who was having the most fun...
it was probably equal!

 Walter definitely loves the outdoors!
He was in
and he was out...
and he was in
and he was out...

 It took a bit of practice to maneuver that step!
At one point, he just walked down, instead of like he's doing here.
I was sitting outside watching when he just stepped down..
and oh my, he was SO PROUD of himself!
I clapped
and he clapped!

 I'm not sure what was going on here...
except I was just taking some pictures of this precious little man!
His mama, daddy, and brother were getting packed, and ready to take off for home.
Walt had not been outside he went...and all was well.

They took off for home...and Ron and I took off for a Thanksgiving potluck at church.

The end of a great weekend with some of my favorite people on the planet!

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