Thursday, November 17, 2016

Benjamin's last baseball practice of this season

I flew back from Denver on October 25th.  Fortunately, I got to see another practice of Benjamin's.  This was the last practice of this season.  He was disappointed that it was ending!

 I don't know much...not much at all...about running a baseball practice, 
but I was totally impressed with the coaches and what they were
having the kids do!

 Now while all this practicing was going on, William was with his buddies!
 At one point, they were all in a dugout of a field next to the one where the practice was.  I walked over and asked them if I could take a 'group picture'...and they instantly lined themselves up like this!  They are SO CUTE and they just play hard the entire time!
 William is a might notice the changing expressions!
 Back to practice...the end of practice..
with one more game left.  

Until February..or is it March?

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