Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Changing of the Guard...or the Changing Times...or the Tale of Two Tanks

I've posted about the GREAT WHITE before...it's most definitely a TANK. Joshua's truck I would also consider a TANK. Somehow on this trip, talk started about the Changing of the Guard with respect to trucks.

Ron, who is NOT a regularly reader of this blog, was wanting to have THE PERFECT BACKDROP for THE picture of the trucks. Well, that never happened. Ron likes his truck...Josh likes his truck. They both are TOO ROUGH for me. Any vehicle that doesn't allow for good coffee drinking while driving, is too rough.

Now to emphasize the size of these BEASTS, I enlisted the help of none other than Ms. Thalia! Strategically standing next to tires illustrates their size. We threw Gabe's CAR into the mix for size comparison.

Now for another comparison of size, the trucks were placed nose to nose...well, I guess a more accurate term would be grill to grill.
Oh geez, if I was the GREAT WHITE and I came up to this SILVER BEAST...I think I would throw myself in reverse and hit the road. But no, the owner of the GREAT WHITE is no coward. No Little Man Syndrome here!

Ron, in his extreme wisdom, came up with the perfect solution to solve the question of power:

Of course, we all know who won this battle...or do we?

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Anonymous said...

With wheels like that on a truck named "The great white" who needs a lift. Looks good pop....