Thursday, June 28, 2007

Southwest Airlines is NOT on my good list!

I am hoping that SOMETHING will change in regard to Southwest Airlines...hopefully today!

We got an 866 number when our kids went off to college. Now that's been about 10 years ago - actually longer. Starting in January of this year, we started getting calls from people wanting to check the status of their flight...a Southwest Airlines flight. Some were angry whenI would tell them this WAS NOT Southwest...some apologized. I then started my MANY phone calls to Southwest. They have done NOTHING. They basically say our number isn't one of their numbers.

Enter DAVE, THE PHONE GUY! I'm hoping he's going to be our knight in shining armor. I called AT&T and told them our saga...they gave our story to Dave. When I told Dave our story this morning, and told him how Southwest said it was OUR PROBLEM - NOT THEIRS...he said - NO, it IS their problem. Dave just called again and said "You wouldn't believe the run-around I'm getting from Southwest!" Actually, Dave, I DO believe that.

The last time I talked to someone at Southwest, I told them I was about ready to tell people who called about their flights that the plane had CRASHED. The lady asked me to PLEASE not do that. Dave thought it might be a bit humorous. I wonder if that would make a difference?

At least we have someone working on it. Our last phone call from someone wanting to check on their flight was....3:30 A.M..... this is all so frustrating!


Anonymous said...

Let them have it mom. Errrrr!!!

Judy said...

That's my plan!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Dave can solve the problem. I was telling some of my friends about it and one said Southwest should at least give you free tickets for all the trouble you've had.
Changing the subject-Isnt that the tree that your dad and Josh were standing in front of when Josh was a little boy?

Anonymous said...

Could you please check the status of flight 2563 from San Francisco to Los Angeles?

Judy said...

First of all, that plane may down...sorry.

and Mom, no, that tree isn't the one Dad and Josh stood in front of. I don't think Dad ever came here. The tree you're thinking of is between Prospect and Crater Lake, Oregon. When Josh was...getting rid of his liquids!