Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hallelujah! My mug was found...or The Perfect Away-From Home Coffee Mug

I was in an absolute panic yesterday. (That might be a slight exaggeration, but close!) I was poking around the house - knowing I NEEDED to get myself in gear and get to school...and then the panic set in when I COULDN'T FIND MY COFFEE MUG! Now this isn't just ANY mug, no mam, it's my Starbucks mug. And that's not just ANY Starbucks mug, no mam. It's one I, at least 12 years ago in San Francisco. My buddy, Laner, and I were there for a National Math Conference...and I bought it on Chestnut Street.

Can you tell I LOVE my mug?
Well, I ALWAYS have my mug...I use it every single work day, and most weekend days. And yesterday it was G-O-N-E. Well, I put the lid on my panic, telling myself I MUST have left it at school. So I took Ron's STARBUCKS mug which is not as good by any stretch of the imagination. Off I went to school.

PANIC set in once again while I frantically searched my classroom. By the time some of my kids came in I said in a little louder voice than normal "MRS. JOHNSTON IS IN DISTRESS!!!" My Cole asked why. I began to explain...I didn't cry...but the knot in my stomach was forming.

Did I say I LOVE my mug?

Well, Cole, very eagerly said, "You mean the one with the black thing in the middle?"


"I think I saw it in the library," he told me.

Well, I told him I didn't think that was right...although I HAD taken my class there Friday afternoon...but I KNEW I had brought it back to class. I told Cole this. He insisted that he thought he had seen it on the CORNER OF THE TABLE!

Did I dare let my hopes soar? What did I have to lose? I told Cole I would give him the moon if it was there. (Actually, I didn't really say that, but I think I did offer promises of something good.) Off we went...scurrying towards the library.

We walk in.
Cole looks at the table.
No mug.
My heart sinks...his heart is disappointed.
We head out ....................... and
there by the door, in all her radiance, was MY MUG...

it even still had my tea in it from last Friday...................

Cole had a great snack of his choice of 3 granola bars and a can of guava juice.

Compliments of a very happy teacher!

I even use it when I blog...sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Judy, is that the mug you lost at Mayo Clinic? And didn't Becky's surgeon find it? Anyway, I'm glad the mug is back home. Love, Mom

Judy said...

What a memory! You're absolutely right. I started to put that in the post - but didn't. It wasn't Becky's surgeon, but it was some surgeon. I didn't know that until after he found it at a nurses station, gave it to me, and then some of the nurses there spoke to him and called him by name. Yep, it's been lost many times...but I persevere until I track it down.