Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where is the Swiss Team flying, I wonder?

This is titled the Swiss Team Flight A Winners. Um? Wonder what that means? I don't think they flew anywhere because the sweetheart in the red plaid, my mom, avoids airplanes like the plague. I know she doesn't have any Swiss blood in her...actually, I do recall that there is a type of bridge called SWISS. Knowing my mom like we all do (the ULTIMATE BRIDGE PLAYER) this all makes perfect sense. This 'team' must have just flown out the roof with their exceptional bridge playing.

In the back row is June and her husband Ken. In the front is my dear mom, Bonnie, and Marian.

I remember Mom telling me about this tournament...and that they had won...and then it just took a long time to get the photo. By now, this team has probably won again!


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie, love your blog. Your dad could make things sound so funny and you have the same talent. Thanks. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like a group of true professionals. Saddie would be a great card shark.