Monday, June 25, 2007

Gabe's first concert - part of which is a telecast to Saddie

Gabe wanted to play the guitar when he was young...and then as he got older, he started picking away at learning to play. He has an electric guitar, but my favorite BY FAR, is his acoustic guitar.

This trip, he brought it with him. Today, he gave a concert for us...and we needed to put it on the blog so Saddie could hear it too! Grab a cup of coffee, Mom, and put your feet up and your hands together (be sure and put the coffee down before you put your hands together!) and enjoy the show.

This first number is called Crazy Dream.

This second number is called The Moon Is Shining...

And for the final number of the day....ONDA!

I love to listen to him play!


Anonymous said...

Good concert Gabe! Loved the music but I think we need to work on the choice of outfits.

Anonymous said...

You are AWESOME! When is your next concert? Aunt Becky and I can't wait to see you in concert. You are much better than Dave Matthews and John Mayer! You Rock! We love you!

Uncle John & Aunt Becky

Judy said...

Dave Matthews and John Mayer can't hold a stick to THE BOY and his playing...just ask his mom!

Anonymous said...

Gabe, thanks for the concert. I had to come to Uncle John's computer to hear it. It was the worth the trip over.You are good. Please do more. Love you, Saddie