Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This is what small town USA is all about

This may just look a ragamuffin group of guys, but look again...this is a skilled group of Sand Lot baseball players! I'm not sure if they're in first place or not....but we'll find out.

This was another day in small town USA. John has been organizing what he terms Sand Lot baseball games for...Dick (the commentator and father of one of the star players) thinks 7 or 8 years. On this day, the media was there. THE MEDIA of course was a not-so-famous blogger and a not-so-famous MP3 player announcer...commonly called Judy and Dick.

Here's Dick going after that elusive interview:

After some talking...whatever commentators do, Dick was able to catch a quick interview with Jordan, who claims to be batting .500 and Jeff...a star pitcher!

Because of a prior commitment, part of THE MEDIA...the part with the video camera had to rush off before the big game heated up. Here's a little non-action batting until our next scheduled game. Be sure and note the form of the catcher...the precision with which the batters are warming up...this is Sand Lot baseball at its best:


Dana said...

Oh my gosh, that looked like so much fun judy, and dick , and JOhn. i wish i could have seen the amazing sand lot game

love Dana

Judy said...

It was a LOT of fun...and I didn't even get to see most of the game. It's fun just to see all those guys having so much fun together!

Are you ready for summer?