Monday, June 11, 2007

Ok, so I missed the 100th post

I just realized that my last post was my 100th post on the Johnston Chronicles! I think in the blogging world, when you get to the 100th post, you're suppose to write 100 things about yourself. Um? I don't think I even know 100 things about myself....

I will try...

1. I married my best friend over 30 years ago.
2. I love living in a small town.
3. I grew up in a HUGE CITY. (Don't they say the grass is always greener on the other side?)
4. For the first ... about 7 -8 years of our marriage, we might have bought one or two loaves of bread. I made it breadmaker....just me.
5. I use to make everything from scratch - including ketchup and mayonnaise.
6. I made Ron sick on Curried Garbonzo Beans...
7. Ron now HATES curry.
8. I just bought a Thai Yellow Curry Sauce at Trader Joes...wonder if he'll try it?
9. I LOVE to travel.
10. I've been to England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Monaco, Italy, (including Sicily) and Malta.
11. I'm going to Australia in less than 4 weeks!
12. I absolutely love my family.
13. I have one daughter...who I absolutely cherish!
14. I have two sons...who I also absolutely cherish!
15. I still call my children 'my baby boy...or my baby girl' even though they're 26, 28 and 31!
16. I feel blessed that we love their spouses.
17. I have one granddaughter, Thalia, who melts my heart.
18. My mom is my dear friend...of which I am so thankful.
19. I lost my Dad 27 years ago on June 13th
20 I still miss him.
21. I called my mom's mom, Mimi, and that's what Thalia calls me.
22. I have 9 dear girlfriends who I have been friends with for about 16 years!
23. I love to read.
24. I love to watercolor...although I haven't been painting lately.
25. I love hot weather.
26. I love to drink ice tea and have an oscillating fan on when it's hot outside.
27. I love sunflowers.
28. My hair has turned white or hairdresser calls it "SILVER"....baloney, its grey!
29. I'm 52, almost 53 years old.
30. Mom says age is a number. Um? Sometimes 52 is an OLD number, sometimes it's not.
31. I am a teacher...I teach 4th graders.
32. My brother and I have gotten closer as we've gotten older. I've always loved him, but he use to be a brat.
33. Ron and I have no sisters between us...only brothers.
34. My in-laws live on a farm.
35. I was the daughter my in-laws never had for quite a few years.
36. I HATE oysters.
37. I LOVE Mexican food.
38. Chips are my downfall.
39. I make a delicious cosmo.
40. I love to go to movies even though we never go....
41. Ron falling asleep in the theater is the reason for number 40.
42. I'm usually a very patient person. (Except for the situation in number 41)
43. I lost someone very precious, very dear to me, on April 16.
44. Camilla taught me so much...
45. I wish I hadn't learned it and she was still here.
46. I love to write...hence, this blog!
47. My dad was a writer.
48. My dad made nicknames for people and always called them that.
49. He called me Ju-Ju.
50. My mom did not pass on her competitive genes to me.
51. I love to drive.
52. I just bought a video I-pod...cause it holds 7,500 songs
53. I now have 250 songs on it...and that seems like a lot!
54. I love it when I have all my family together.
55. We're getting ready to remodel part of our house.
56. We've lived in this house for nearly 20 years!
57. I still can't stand the weather here after all this time!
58. I love Jesus.
59. I'll have to ask Him why I'm living in a cold climate.
60. I get cold so easy...
61. We'll have a wood stove in our new addition.
62. I love to go on walks.
63. I'm a night-owl...always have been.
64. I'm excited and surprised that I'm on number 64!
65. My dad took me to see the first Beatles movie.
66. He bought me a Beatles was white and I loved it.
67. My brother use to tell me that someday he'd be a big girl and I'd be a little boy.
68. I wear mostly silver/white gold/platinum jewelry.
69. I love James Avery Jewelry.
70. I love diamonds...
71. Donnie, Emily, and Erica are very special to me...
72. I try to be a good mother-in-law.
73. I love to cook.
74. I've taken Cooking Light magazine for over 10 years.
75. Some of my friends and I have Cooking Light dinners at least a couple of times a year.
76. I drive a previous car was a Honda...and my next car will probably be a Honda.
77. I love coffee...with sugar.
78. I read the Bible completely through in 88 was incredible.
79. I don't play sports - because I'd be a liability.
80. I am not a daredevil by any stretch of the imagination.
81. Thalia told me I drove a quad too slow. "Hurry up, Mimi, you're going too slow!"
82. My oldest baby boy is coming up with Thalia in 8 days. I'M EXCITED.
83. I get to see my youngest two kids almost monthly.
84. I'm involved with an organization called People to People.
85. Summer is my favorite season BY FAR!
86. I wear glasses...and wish I could wear contacts.
87. Wearing contacts for me would fit fact #80 about me.
88. I'm not a big shopper.
89. I DO love to go to Costco.
90. I don't watch TV except for January - May when American Idol is on.
91. I think Melinda Doolittle should have won this year..but she didn't.
92. I love red wine...
93. Ron and I discovered a new red wine a couple of weeks ago...Claret...yum!
94. I use to want to be short.
95. My first car was a red pinto. Ron called it the "pinto bean".
96. Eskie was my first and only cat.
97. I've had a number of dogs...Jacque was my favorite.
98. I sleep under two fans every single night - one ceiling fan and one oscillating.
99. I take my favorite Starbucks mug everywhere I go.
100. I'm tired of writing these things about me...but can't believe I even thought of 100.


Anonymous said...

Sweetie, there is one missing. You are the daughter I wish every mother could have. I love you, Mom.

Gabe said...


That is such a sweet post. You have a heart of gold and deserve the very best! Emily and I, Josh & Erica, Lindsey & Don and all your other kids at Dow's are blessed to have you in our lives. You are a great lady!!

Cheers to the next 100!

Judy said...

Strangely enough...I have thought of more things I could write...that shocked me cause I really didn't think I could even think of 100! Thank you both for the sweet comments!

Anonymous said...

You are the best Judy Len. I think you live in this fabulous climate in order to protect your skin. After all, too much sun is very damaging!!!

This is a great list. I bet there are at least 500 more things you could add!!!

Take care and love to all your wonderful kids. Hope to see your baby boy and Thalia when they come up.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! I don't think I could be that creative!