Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flag Day, 2007

Today is Flag Day.

Today a huge flag that flies beside the freeway was replaced. This flag is HUGE - 30 x 50 feet, 220 lbs! Eleanor, the town grandma, raised money to replace one that was old and tattered. She raised enough money to buy 2 flags...each flag cost about $2500.

Because of the size, it took a lot of man-power to raise the flag. Some of our local students helped hold it off the ground as it was being raised. It was definitely a community-affair.

So today being Flag opportune a time to dedicate a new flag!

It was a perfect day .... beautiful deep blue sky, a slight breeze, not too cool, and of course, it's June 14th.

The Color Guard from VFW Centennial Post 2481, a group consisting of 2 Marines, 1 Air Force, 1 Army, and 1 Navy - all retired, marched in ... a bagpipe player played ... Dick sang the National Anthem .... the Coast Guard did 2 flyovers ... and then the bagpipe player played Amazing Grace. It was awesome.


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Judy said...

Thank you! I just love seeing it flying again when I drive down the freeway!

Anonymous said...

me too

Anonymous said...

Here's a little video shot with my cheapo digital camera:

– Jack

Anonymous said...

Is this right before the Mad River bridge? Very neat!

Judy said...

Hey Stephanie...
Yep, that's the looks so grand flying now...especially since we're having this gorgeous skies, slight breeze. Is it hot in Nebraska?