Monday, June 18, 2007

Is it or is it not 'Champagne' if it's in a can?

Do you notice the slogan on this cup? Mike, my niece Brenda's husband, kept repeating it when I asked him why he was drinking Miller beer. "It's the CHAMPAGNE of BEER" he would say.

Now Mike, I want you to take a closer look. Remember (if you can) when I asked you what it would be called if it was in a CAN and then I repeated the slogan and said it was the CHAMPAGNE OF BOTTLE BEER. You said NO, it was just the champagne of beer and it wouldn't matter if it was in a can. Um? I know you're having your eye surgery this week, but put on your contacts and check out the slogan. Maybe it's changed, but I knew it USE TO have 'bottle' in the slogan.

It was a fun weekend at Gabe's. Mike hopped a plane and came to visit Gabe. Brenda, who works for United Airlines, was off to Cleveland or somewhere for the weekend, so Mike decided to come for a visit. Now Brandon was also coming for a visit.... This photo is of Brenda and Mike...taken I think about 2 years ago. Notice Mike still has on a Texas T-shirt, even though he's from Chicago. I think I'd claim Texas over Chicago anyday.

Miller's was part of their plan. When I took these photos, Mike told me to PLEASE says these were '40's'... talking about the ounces in the jars. (However, I cannot tell a lie...they were 32s!)But regardless of the size, these guys and this blogger had fun.


Gabe said...

Funny, I don't remember this conversation at all!! Go figure.

Great weekend... A's game parking lot, Pyramid Brewery, Zachary's and Santa Rosa Brewery's.

I'm training for Beerfest!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, that picture spells pure trouble. Good job Gabe, you make me proud :)