Sunday, January 06, 2008

It is MISERABLE outside!

It's pouring outside...still.

Yesterday, Ron and Pete were out in the weather trying to divert the path of the water off the roof so it didn't collect on the new foundation. We had a slight problem yesterday with water seeping into the dining room. Once we cleaned it up, Ron and Pete were out in the HORRIBLE weather trying to fix it. Ron said Pete wondered why the photographer wasn't out taking pictures? Um, good question. (I was inside where it was warm and dry...drinking some fresh ground Starbuck's Christmas Blend coffee and eating a delicious piece of Lemon-Blueberry Bundt Cake.)

Fast forward to today. It's not quite as miserable, but Pete and Al came over to try and get the roof completely covered. My guy was out to offer assistance. Pete posed for me when he saw me out in the pouring rain with no rainjacket but ready to snap a few photos.You look good up there, Pete!Al was cutting the final piece of plywood. If you look behind Pete in the first photos, you can see the section that still needed to be covered. This made me a little nervous...something about power tools (electricity) and rain (lots of water)...seems I learned something about that NOT being a good/safe combination?There goes Al...handing the plywood to Pete.

Look how agile ole' Pete is! I told him to be careful. Ron told him he'd catch him if he fell. Pete laughed.Ah...there she is, all covered up and ready to ride out the storm.
One of the reasons for the water seeping into our dining room was because the water collecting on the foundation couldn't go anywhere. There was wood blocking it's escape. No problem. Pete got out his hefty (just kidding) chainsaw and took out a piece of wood that was going to come out anyway.In this photo below, you're looking up at the eaves. No, they're not going to stay uneven...We end today's outside workday with my guy sweeping out the water.

Now HE is enjoying a cup of Starbuck's fresh-ground Christmas Blend coffee...and it's likely he's also enjoying a slice of that Lemon-Blueberry Bundt Cake...yum!


Anonymous said...

My excitement about your "real estate surge" is exceeded only by my anticipation of the GRAND "new wing" party for which you are probably now preparing the guest list, not forgetting to include me and my first wife, and maybe even my best four-legged friend, Champ, who would love to check out the new premises before your new puppy arrives on the scene and pees in every corner, defining with clarity the expression "come on over and check out my new crib," to use what's known as deep urban talk, not because I am accustomed of talking that way, but forgive me, I digress from the hot issue at hand, which reminds me of your new wood stove waiting to dry things up a bit before the GRAND OPENING, won't it?. You must forgive me for the lengthy run-on sentence above, but it's just all so exciting!
I do believe the Surge is working.
Your Buddy Bob

Judy said...

What a GRAND have a GRAND OPENING! Of course, you and your first wife (not necessarily Champ - don't tell him...wouldn't want to hurt his feelings) are at the very top of my list!