Friday, January 04, 2008

The roof is partially on, but uh-oh, watch out for this storm!

When we came back from visiting Linz & Donnie and Gabe & Emily, Pete and crew were working on connecting the roofs and starting to cover the trusses. These were taken on January 2nd.
If you click on this photo above, it'll get larger and you can see the insulation...and the holes, the gaps, cut into the house. Remember this .... it's important to the rest of this post.You can see in this photo above how they finished on January 2nd. See that black tarp? Ron says it's "ROOFING FELT". Ok. Well, it's to keep out any potential rain since the insulation is exposed...well, I guess it's more than just insulation, there are HOLES in the house!

Yesterday there was no working to be done outside because of THE STORM. Yep, it's been rainy and windy...very rainy and windy.
Look at that sky! I was standing next to the addition looking east. You can't see the wind - obviously! But trust me, it's there.

Remember that black roofing felt... well, the wind played havoc with it. I hate the wind to play havoc... I don't do havoc well... neither did the roofing felt.

Enter Pete into the picture...poor guy. He came over and climbed up on the wet, slick roof in the wind to tack it back down. I bet he tacked it a lot better this time. This storm is suppose to be a doozy... that means a good one...a good one doesn't really mean 'good', it means 'BAD'.

I'm digressing....

Ron climbed up with Pete...I'm sure to supervise, or maybe to encourage him in this nasty weather. Good ole' Ron!Pete was yelling at the black roofing felt, "Come on you sucker!" It was playing havoc with Pete...not wanting to lay down like Pete wanted it to. Whew, I wouldn't want to be up there in this weather. I know you still can't see the wind, but you just have to trust me. Oh my gosh! Be careful, Pete! It's slippery up there. (Now I don't know this first hand, but I can only imagine. Plus, Ron told me it would be slippery.)OK, Pete. Now it's time to come down. Mission accomplished.

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