Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The World's Best Loved Cat

Most of us voted for "Booker" ... Lindsey and Donnie voted for "Fluffball" ... and since he was their kitty, Fluffball it was. Usually he's called simply "Fluff."

This weekend, I was curious if Fluff was taking out his jealousy over Biscuit - who has had her photographs featured on this Johnston Chronicles a multitude of times - by the countless times he attacked his 'grandpa'... aka, my guy! I wouldn't be surprised if Ron instigated the attacks...as he tends to do sometimes.

Fluff is definitely a very well-loved critter.

Monday morning I checked my camera, knowing that Lindsey and Donnie had used it to take "a few" photos of Fluff ... well, there was probably close to 60 or 70... no kidding. Actually, I had taken some of them Sunday. This was my favorite:
This next one made me laugh...Fluffball, the vampire!
Now to be fair to all my grandpets, I want to give Fluffy his space. I decided to give him his own slideshow:


Gabe said...

That is funny. The song makes it so dramatic... "must be love that I feel".

What about S'mores and Cookie?

Anonymous said...

Fluffer-Nutter is awesome, particularly as a vampire kitty!

Judy said...

Smores and Cookie are definitely loved cats, too...but I don't think they get near the attention that Fluffy gets.

And Laner...Fluffer-Nutter! Ah-ha, I'll have to pass that nickname on to Linz and Donnie!