Friday, July 14, 2017

A Silver Lining

is the Silver Lining!
Emily, Emerson, and Walt came up Tuesday to hang out until
Gabe finishes the condo repair.
The condo repair...oh my!  It's coming along....but add the mess of the house because of having to pull the floor up...and break up part of the slab...and fix a pipe...and the heat of the summer...and 2 little people running around....
well, I'm so so so glad that they came here!
Today, Wednesday, was definitely fun!
We had beautiful weather...

and happy boys...

and a lot of fun in the backyard...


This was probably about 11 a.m.
Emerson and I were playing Corn-Hole..
and I was still in my nightgown..
with some sweats...

Baxter was a bit subdued for most of the day..
"MOST" is the key word here...
He was anything but subdued in the late afternoon and evening!
Just ask Walt about it!

Emily was enjoying the mild weather...
hanging out with her boys outside...

You may wonder what in the world Emerson is doing?
He's trying to pop a bubble that Emily had just made!

We sat up this ramp for Walt to use with all his cars!

After snapping a few photos, Emily got into playing Corn-Hole with her eldest!

Baxter wanted to crash the party...

Walter was just having fun with his cars!

Yep, it was definitely a fun day with these two little men and their sweet mama!

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