Saturday, July 22, 2017

Zoo photos by Emerson...some by Mimi...and some by Emily!

 Saturday, July 15, we went to the zoo.
 It's such a sweet little zoo...
 I took my camera, but Emerson asked if he could take pictures.
I was thrilled to see him want to be the photographer.
He took most of the pictures in this blog.
If he's in it, well, either me or Emily took it.
 He took this outside the aviary because it had "Judy" and that's my name.
It was so touching later in the day.  We were waiting for the Red Pandas to be fed and this lady was standing next to Emerson.  He just started talking to her and showing her some of his pictures and telling her about them.  She was obviously impressed with Emerson!

 This guy was I'm totally impressed that Emerson was able to get any of this...and a clear focus on the bird!

 About 5 years ago, we brought Emerson and Benjamin here.  They stood in front of these birds.  I need to find those pictures and compare Emerson's "wing span"!

 Hold on!
Let's get Emily!!!

 Walt was in his stroller but he WANTED to stand in front of the bird drawings like his mom and brother!

 OK, enough is enough!

 Emerson was SO excited when he saw there was a Red Panda exhibit.  He told me he loves Red Pandas...he even asked to have his picture made by them.  You probably cant see the red fur of the panda in that tree...

 Walt wasn't so interested in the Red Panda.  He wanted to go back into the barnyard and play with the rocks!

 Walter was pretty impressed with himself sitting up on that tractor...
 and riding on a horse!

 The Barnyard has always been a favorite with our grandkids.  Thalia could spend hours in there petting the animals. 

Walt and Emerson combed the barnyard pets!

We had to wait awhile to watch the Red Pandas be fed...
so Walt ventured off some more...
 But Emerson was determined.

 Emerson and Walt in the Eagles nest!

 Greetings, Mr. Eagle!

 This was new since last time I was there.  This tunnel can be climbed through...and it's completely surrounded by water.  It's pretty cool!

YEAH!  It's feeding time!

 Aren't they precious????

 There are 3 Red Pandas...and this is the mom!

 They are just so cute!!!
 I love this of Emerson...
he really enjoyed the flamingos!

 They're beautiful!
We stayed till it was closing time...the weather was perfect ` as you might be able to tell...but what a fun day!

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