Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Baseball with 3 year olds...

My time with Emily, Emerson, and Walt came to a close...
and my brother, Addison, Remy, and Brody came to visit!
Remy is now a big brother!
He has a precious little sister that I so want to see in person!
Yuna stayed home with her mama and Nanny...
and the guys all came here.
Remy is a baseball fan...a San Francisco Giants baseball fan!
His daddy took him to a game...bought him this cap...
which he wears all the time.
He came prepared with not one, but two bats!
His cousin, Brody, also came.
Brody is not a SF Giants fan, but he does love baseball.
His Saddie pitches to him in his backyard.
Brody didn't care that he didn't have on a SF Giants cap...
or that he still had on his pajamas...
He was just ready to hit the ball!

Is this the picture of cuteness or what?

Here's another picture of cuteness!
Remy's dad started pitching to him in the backyard...
and Remy started hitting...and hitting...and hitting...and.....

Look at that concentration...
...a swing and a miss...
but not many!

I LOVE this...look at his eyes...
just watching that ball make contact with the bat!
See that blurred yellow at the bottom of the picture?
That's the ball Remy just hit!
Here comes another one!
This was a homerun!
Way to go, Remy!

Brody decided to join the game!

Look at the concentration!
Way to go, Brody!

Another hit!!

and another...
and another...
Remy was taking a rest from his hitting...
and I think that's a pluot!
The 4 guys were having a great time!
The weather was perfect,
the 3-year-olds were happy...
all was well!
I made a lot of videos....
Listen carefully to what Brody says in the second one...and again in the 4th video.
This video above...oh my!  
Poor Remy!  He took one for the team!
Addison might have lost his eligibility for 'Dad of the Year' on this one! (just kidding, of course!)
 Here's our tough guy, back in action...
a little ice, a little Dad love, a little more ice, a little more love...
and he's back in business!

 The batting continued for a good while...

Baxter was beat!
He got worn out just watching those boys bat!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like a serious game of baseball. Those kids can hit, very impressive!!