Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Baxter hangs out with his mom, sister and his breeders!

 This past weekend, we went to our first dog show.
The Levy's, Baxter's breeders, were there with their 11 pumik!
This is inside their motor home...
there are 8 built in crates for their dogs!
 I can't tell...but this is probably Gumby in Ron's lap...
and Jelly at his feet.
Chris (Levy) thinks Jelly might be pregnant!
 This is Papi...Baxter's sister!
She was "Miss Red"...when he was "Mr Purple".
You can see one of her ears hasn't flopped that's why the Levy's still have her.
She was scheduled to go to a show home, but unless that ear goes down, she won't.
 Meet Tom!
He does most of the actual showing in dog shows.
There is Papi sitting next to him.
 Baxter and Papi played SO HARD!
 Gumby or Jelly....
I can't tell...
 Meet Chris!
She gets the Pumi ready for their showing...
Here, she is checking out Baxter's ears..
we've had problems with his ears since we got him...
ear infection...
Poor little guy...
 Chris and Jelly...
We sat and visited with the Levy's for a couple of hours or more...
watching Baxter play with his mom, Gabi, and his sister.
Part of the time we were outside, and part of the time in their motor home.
 Opal was the star this weekend.
She was in...I don't know how many competitions.
This was the Owner-Handler group of Herding dogs...(I think that's correct)
 I've watched dog shows on TV, but never in person.

 There were 11 dogs in this group.
I was in awe at how calm and how focused Tom was able to keep Opal!
 If I remember correctly, Opal is 6 years old.
 Opal and Baxter are cousins!

 Baxter was hanging out watching his cousin...
but definitely preferred to be held.
 I love this!!!
This is also a 'before' picture.
and I don't have a good 'after'.
Chris trimmed Baxter up after the show was over.
I was in awe watching her do it.

 Opal is beautiful!

 This lady is one of the judges.

Opal (and Tom!) won first place!!!
 Back at the motor home,
Papi and Baxter were having a grand ole time!
 Gabi joined in...or tried to join in the fun.
Gabi is Baxter's mom!
When we first arrived, Baxter was definitely the aggressor...
but after not very long, Papi became aggressive.
These two wrestled and tumbled and chased and wrestled some more.

We just had a great time hanging out with the Levy's...
and seeing their pumik again!
(Pumik is the plural of Pumi)

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