Thursday, July 06, 2017

Baxter now looks like a Pumi, can you tell? (probably not)

 Can you tell that Baxter had a grooming session?
We can definitely tell a HUGE difference, but because he's so black and not so photogenic, you probably can't tell.
His ears are more pronounced because of the hair cut off around them.
Plus, his snout looks more like a Pumi.
Hair was cut off the sides and top...
 Baxter's hair isn't real curly yet, but it will be sort of cork-screwish.
Chris cut off a LOT...and it was all pretty straight, but you could see the curly part closer to his skin.
Once he was groomed, Chris wet his hair a bit, and it curled up more.
 You can really see the Pumi ears here....
 The red is his collar, not his tongue...
 He's so funny.
Often when we're talking to him, he'll tilt his head one way, then the other, as if trying to figure out what we're saying or what we want. 
 Baxter loves his hula hoop!
Usually, I hold it up and snap my fingers and he goes through whichever way I direct him.
Then I'll run and hold it in another place and he'll go through it...we do this pretty fast.
When we're through, he'll sit for a treat!
 Then he'll take off with the hula hoop.

 In the meantime, Ron is still putting on primer and painting the house by the patio.
I think Baxter was worn out from all our hula hooping!

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